Exotic, yet elegant. Striking, yet sophisticated. Our Balinese-inspired setting presents guests with an atmosphere that is every bit as affluent as it is adaptable. Giant and ornately-appointed double doors, a wall-spanning fountain, and a mighty tank filled with prismatic marine life reflect Cili’s grandeur immediately upon entry, as does its opulent Polynesian-influenced decor throughout. Amidst the towering tropical palms, white sands and lush Bermuda grass of Bali Hai Golf Club, Cili offers five distinctive areas that flow into one another as seamlessly as the soothing waterfalls that are visible from nearly every corner of the venue.


Event Areas

Event Areas

As we design each event to be exquisitely unique, we originally designed our event spaces in the same fashion, too. While Cili makes a grand site for a strolling cocktail reception with its areas that blend together with ease for up to 1,500 attendees, it is also available for lavishly intimate ceremonies and small gatherings for as few as 20 guests. Explore our areas to discover which may best fit your group.


Seated Reception: 225-245 guests
Strolling Cocktail Reception: 450 guests


Overlooking Signature 16th Island Green
40 guests


Seated Reception: 110 guests
Strolling Cocktail Reception: 150 guests


Seated Reception: 140 guests
Strolling Cocktail Reception: 185 guests

We’d also be pleased to close the entire restaurant to suit the grandeur of your celebration, as we provide unparalleled attention to each event – whether intimate or magnificent. Please contact one of our professional, enthusiastic staff members who can provide further information on expenditures, dates and additional details.